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Top Five Mobile Productivity Apps for Small Business

It’s become far easier to grow your business and improve productivity right from your smartphone. There are plenty of tools to help you drive revenue, keep in touch, manage projects and more. Here’s our top five:

Team Communication: AMAZON CHIME integrates conference calls, video calls and  desktop sharing. I really like that it automatically calls users at the scheduled time  and places them into the call without entering a pass code/PIN.  Easy to use across all operating systems, great chat room feature. Cost is free with Vonage Business Cloud. Great productivity tool.

Task Management: ZENKIT  combines many work organization tools into one. It offers both a Kanban board, mind mapping tool, a to-do list and a calendar. Zenkit is essentially a project management resource library that aids with task management, scheduling, resource allocation and even budgeting. People who like making ‘To Do lists’ swear by this app. Pricing? Free version, $9/user for up to 20 members. Productivity improvement? Priceless.

Time-Saving: EVERNOTE Users can make, save or upload personal notes, images, audio, video and more into the app with easy sharing capabilities. You can easily scan your documents, receipts, notes, pictures, whiteboards or other text, or save information found online — neatly saving as high quality jpegs or PDFs that can be shared quickly to your team members. Pricing? Free personal version and $12.50/user business version.

Social Media Management: HOOTSUITE The Hootsuite App makes it easy to schedule posts for various social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can monitor your social account status and measure the impact of your campaigns by using Hootsuite’s reports.

Human Resources/Recruiting: PROVEN is an app that consolidates your HR-related tasks. It helps you post your job listings to multiple job boards with one click on your phone. Once you start receiving responses, you can look through the responses in the same platform — categorizing the candidate applicants into “yes,” “no” and “maybe” categories, noting when you need to follow up with a candidate. Pricing? $99/1 job, $79/5 jobs, $59/10 jobs.

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